Understand & look after your body

The daily demand we ask our bodies to perform under, on a consistent level, means we need a higher quality of recovery, and that’s what I’m here for.

Soft tissue therapy is becoming an increasingly useful treatment in the aid of recovery post injury, as well as a preventer of further possible injury. A lot of the time, the majority of us suffer with lower back pain or tight shoulders, this tends to be stress related or over working ourselves. More often than not we are unaware of the condition our bodies are in, and to what extent that affects our lifestyle.

Whether its injury, maintenance or postural based, I have treatments for all. Look after your body, you only have one!

Individual or team based

Many of my clients are individuals that have treatments for various reasons, whether that’s for postural and muscular maintenance from exercise, or just for stress relief from their day to day lifestyle. However it’s not just individuals, I also offer team treatments. Whether you’re a Football, Rugby, Athletics team, whatever the sport, I can specify treatments to meet your needs.

benefits of soft tissue treatments

Stress relief
Increased recovery rate
Postural re-alignment
Removal of toxins
Reduced muscular pain and tension
Increased metabolic rate/fat loss
Increased flexibility
Lactic acid removal
Reduced risk of injury

I pride myself on the success and positive feedback of those I’ve treated

Here’s what some of my clients have to say:

I would highly recommend Marcus. Using Marcus when injured helped me get back to a high competitive level of sport quickly, and use of his injury prevention advice has kept me fit and healthy.

He has a high amount of knowledge and helps explain everything along with his friendly and warm nature.

Sam Sleap, Great Britain Decathlete
Driving all over the country to different venues takes its toll on my back and posture which is why I turned to Marcus to relieve my aches and pains in my lower back and give me advice on posture. I couldn’t recommend him enough!
Jack Juniper, Entertainer
As a Professional Sportsman I have come to realise how important a good sports massage can be. It is invaluable in preventing injury and aiding recovery after training or matches.

I really look forward to my regular appointments with Marcus and could not recommend him highly enough. Marcus offers very useful help and advice and I have definitely prolonged my career through his guidance.

Good Therapists are hard to find, but if you are on this site, you have struck gold.

Iain Williamson, Football League Championship Referee

Whether it’s Full body or individual body parts,
Treatments are tailor made to your needs and training requirements