Marcus Maslin. MFHT

(Member of  the Federation of Holistic Therapists)

Fully insured
VTCT Level 3 Swedish, Sports massage  & Anatomy
Level 2 in – Fitness Instructing
Level 3 in –  Sports injuries, Sport (Development, Coaching and Fitness)

I’m lucky enough to have 12 years experience within the Health and fitness industry as a Fitness instructor and Massage therapist. It has given me an in depth understanding on what strain and stresses we put on our bodies on a day to day basis.

A large majority of my clientele are from sporting backgrounds, many at the top of their profession which have continuously educated me on the requirements the body needs in which to function at its best, enhance performance and reduce risk of injury, whatever the Sport may be.

However, many of my clients that also have regular appointments are purely for relaxation, stress and pain relief treatment.

As a fitness instructor & Personal Trainer, I’m also able to offer advanced knowledge and information with tailor made training programmes.

One of my clients, who contracted polio as a child which resulted in weakened muscles and poor posture, came to me 8 years ago because he was getting awful lower back pain due to his posture. Being a Fitness instructor of 9 years, I was able to devise a personalised programme to follow in the gym and with hydrotherapy to strengthen the required areas, and with soft tissue therapy alongside, he is now pain free and more mobile than ever!